New Version UL Listed Standard GFCI Outlet 5-15R Electrical Sockets

Model: TS15 Description: 15A 125Volt,NEMA 5-15 UL943 2015 Self-Test Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.


New Version UL Listed Standard GFCI Outlet 5-15R Electrical Sockets


AC Horsepower Rating
At Rated Voltage1 HP
Electrical Specifications
Amperage15 Amp
Voltage125 Volt
GroundingGFCI Ground Fault
Dielectric VoltageWith stands 2000V per UL498
Trip Leve4~6mA 
Current Interrupting2kA
Environment Specifications
FlammabilityRated V-2 per UL94
Operating Temperature-35℃ to +66℃
Material Specifications
Face MaterialPC
Body MaterialPolycarbonate
Standards & Certifications
Applicable StandardsUL943, UL498



- Trip threshold meets or exceeds UL requirements for tripping time
- Improved immunity to high frequency noise reduces nuisance tripping
- Advanced electronics provides superior resistance to electrical surges and over-voltages
- Status Indicator Light provides simple, intuitive feedback on power and protection status as well as indication of line/load reversal
- Silver alloy contacts
- Impact-resistant thermoplastic cover and body
- Available in 15A and 20A versions, all with Fed Spec rating
- TEST and RESET button colors match device face


- Provides continuous ground fault protection - detects and trips on actual ground fault even when self-test is being conducted

- On initial power up, tests the GFCI within 3 seconds
- Auto-monitoring exceeds the UL requirement
- Auto adapts and shifts to more frequent testing if potential problem is detected
- Testing frequency regularly updates protection status
- Electronics are designed to minimize any false triggers


- Kitchen, Bathroom, Pool, Hotels and resorts, Retail locations, Business offices, Apartments and condos.  



How to test a GFCI outlet


1.After finishing the connection of wires and supply the power, press the RESET button fully and plug in a lamp or radio into the GFCI to verify that the GFCI wired correctly (make sure to plug in completely); if the GFCI had been wired properly, it can be reset and supply the power to the outlet and the load terminals of the device.

2. Press the TEST button to test the device, which will stop the flow of electricity at this moment, and the radio or the lamp will goes out, in addition, the RESET button will pop out, then press the RESET button to restore the power, the green indicator LED will be on, all those show that the GFCI has been correctly installed and wired.

3. The GFCI is working properly only if you can press the RESET button to restore the power. when Self-testing red indicator LED flashing, or the red indicator turns on, the RESET button will not restore power and the GFCI is damaged, cannot respond to a ground fault. The GFCI need replaced.

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