Interchangeable USB Charger Receptacle

Interchangeable USB Charger Receptacle

Mar 12, 2019

New to the market. The first ever USB charging receptacle with interchangeable faceplate. Ideal for commercial applications with heavy usage. Save time and money by only replacing the interchangeable faceplate.

With our USB charging receptacle, travelers from anywhere around the word can finally have a hassle-free way to charge their cell phones, tablets, and personal electronic devices.

1. Child Safe - Tamper Resistant

All Receptacles has tamper resistant design to promote child safety

2. Smart intelliChip

Enerlites USB Charger Receptaclels utilize its inTelliChip to "read" the devices connected and provide optimum charging accordingly, saving charging time meanwhile extend devices' lifespan.

3. Interchangeable Snap-On Cover

Maximum Charging Efficiency with advanced technology including Qualcomm and Type-C