Type of dimmer-2

Type of dimmer-2

Jun 01, 2018

Type of dimmer

The magneto amplifying reactance dimmer changes the inductance of the AC winding by changing the current in the DC winding around the yoke. It has good dimming performance and convenient control, but it is bulky and bulky. It has been replaced by electronic dimmer.

The thyristor was used as the switching element in the early stage of the electronic dimmer, and then the thyristor element was used. This dimmer has the advantages of light weight, small volume, high efficiency and easy distance control, and has been widely used. Its disadvantage is that if it does not take effective filtering measures, it will produce radio interference, and it is more troublesome to the gas discharge light source such as fluorescent lamp, high intensity gas discharge lamp and so on. A dimmer with high power transistors or field effect transistors can overcome this shortcoming.

The civil dimmer is used for families, offices, conference rooms, schools, corridors and other occasions. The line is simple, the price is low, and the performance requirement is not high. Common dimming devices such as table lamps and chandeliers can meet the needs of people in different working hours to achieve the purpose of comfort, sanitation and energy saving.