China's Light Communication Laser Import Tariff Reduction

China's Light Communication Laser Import Tariff Reduction

Jun 01, 2018

China's light communication laser import tariff reduction

China's "2015 tariff implementation plan" has been implemented from this month. Yesterday, the General Administration of Customs was informed that the programme had adjusted the tariff rate, the agreement tax rate and the preferential tax rate. Among them, 11 commodities, such as optical communications laser, have reduced import tariffs.

China's total tariff level 9.8%

According to the introduction, China's accession to the WTO [micro-blog] has completed its tax reduction commitments in 2010. In 2015, the MFN tax rate remains unchanged in 2015. China's general tariff level will remain 9.8%, of which the average tax rate of agricultural products (12.46, -0.11, -0.88%) is 15.1%, and the average tax rate of industrial products is 8.9%. At the same time, 10 non full tax information technology products will be maintained through customs inspection and management, and 8 categories of 47 taxable commodities, such as wheat and other categories, are continued to be managed by tariff quotas, and their tax and tax rates remain unchanged; and the quantity tax or compound tax will continue to be carried out for the goods of 46 tax items such as photoreceptor and camera.