Engineering Application

Engineering Application

Jun 01, 2018

Engineering application

1, why can't the same power supply with the same power lamp (Wu Si) fail to light up?

When the lamp cup is cold, its resistance is very small, that is, when the lamp cup is applied to the rated voltage, it needs a large starting current at the moment before lighting. When the lamp is lit, the temperature rises, the resistance increases sharply, and the current drops to the normal working current of the lamp cup. Because our products have a current limiting protection function, that is, when the actual current exceeds the rated output current, there will be protection function. So in the instant of the lamp cup, the current exceeds the power of the power supply before the rated current of the power of the power supply, so that the power of the power supply can not be lighted.

2, why does the scanning controller control the input part of the power supply, and when the scan is made to the second group of LED, the first set of LED can not be completely destroyed?

Although the scanning controller has disconnected the input voltage of the power supply, it will maintain the whole power supply and a period of time because the electrolytic capacitor has a discharge process, and the LED lamp group connected by the power supply will be delayed for a period of time to complete, so the first group of LED will not be yet out of the present second sets of LED. Can be extinguished.