Five LED Dimming Control Way

Five LED Dimming Control Way

Jan 07, 2019

Now LED lighting problems actually are mostly caused by control systems and electrical light source does not match, it has become the common fault of the industry, also for the diversification of LED control system are also put forward higher challenge.Because LED light-emitting principle with the traditional lighting is different, is to rely on p-n junction, with the power of the LED light source, because of its using chip is different, different current voltage parameters, so the internal structure and circuit wiring distribution is different also, LED to the switch manufacturer of light source light also have different requirements.If you don't form a complete set of lighting systems and lighting equipment, may cause or flashing lights went out, and may cause damage to LED drive circuit and light.

There are 5 LED lighting control mode:

1, cutting edge cutting phase (FPC), silicon controlled dimmer

Cutting edge dimming is USES the silicon controlled rectifier circuit, since communication phase 0, the input voltage chopper, until the thyristor turn-on, the input voltage.Its principle is to adjust each half wave conduction Angle to change ac sine waveform, which changes the effective value of ac current, to achieve the goal of the dimmer.Frontier dimming equipment has a high controlling accuracy, high efficiency, small volume, light weight, easy to remote operation advantages, such as dominant in the market, most of the manufacturers of products is this type of dimmer.

Cutting edge phase control dimmer generally use the thyristor as switch devices, so also known as the silicon controlled dimmer on the LED light is: the advantages of using FPC dimmers dimming of low cost and compatible with existing lines, the need to wiring, occupied most of the adjustable optical-intensity system market.

2, after the cut along the phase (RPC) MOS tube light

Cut along the phase control dimmer, after using field effect transistor (FET) or insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) devices.Along the cutting phase dimmers after general use MOSFET as switching devices, so also known as MOSFET dimmers, commonly known as "MOS tube".MOSFET is all control switch, can control, can also control, so there is no silicon controlled dimmer can't completely shut off phenomenon.The MOSFET dimmer than the silicon controlled rectifier circuit is more suitable for capacitive load dimmer, but because the cost is high and the dimming circuit is relatively complex, stability and other characteristics, it is not easy to do the MOS tube dimming is not developed.

Compared with cutting edge cutting phase dimmers, cut along the phase after dimmer application on LED lighting equipment, since there is no minimum load, thus can on single lighting or very small load to achieve better performance, however, very few of the MOS tube used in the dimming system, generally only make single lamp dimmer switch knob type, the small power cut after that the dimmer is not applicable to engineering.

3, 1-10 of VDC dimmer

1-10 v dimming device has two independent circuit, for a common voltage circuit, used to switch on or off to the power of the lighting equipment, the other one is low voltage circuit, which provides a reference voltage, tell lighting dimming level, 0 to 10 v dimming controller used for fluorescent lamp dimming control on before, now, because on the LED driver module and the constant power supply, and have a special control circuit, so the 0 to 10 v dimmer can also support a large number of LED light.When the project need an extra low voltage control signal route (BV2 * 1.0 or RVSP2  * 1.0).

4, DALI (the digital addressable lighting interface)

DALI standard has defined a DALI network, including the largest 64 units (address), 16 groups and 16 scenarios.DALI bus different lighting unit can be flexible grouped, implement different scene control and management.In practice, a typical DALI controller to control up to 40 ~ 50 lamp, can be divided into 16 groups, at the same time some action to parallel processing.In a network of DALI, a second can process 30 ~ 40 control instruction.This means that the controller for each lighting group, need to manage two dimmer instructions per second.DALI is not really a peer-to-peer network, it is instead of 1 ~ 10 v voltage interface control ballast.Compared with traditional 1-10 v dimmer, DALI is that each node has the advantages of the only address code, and feedback, greater distances that move light, won't appear like 1-10 v signal attenuation, but engineering practice, the distance is not more than 200 meters.

DALI is an traditional lighting control, pay attention to a system of a static control, reliability, stability and compatibility.And LED lighting system is much larger than the size of DALI system, mainly the pursuit of artistic effect of lamps and lanterns, the appropriate balancing system of intelligent, which requires the system needs to be greater access to the bus network, a scene of unlimited extension ability and high ability to refresh.

5, DMX512 (or DMX)

DMX512 protocol was first by the USITT (the American association of theatre technology develop from the console using the standard digital interface to control the dimmer.DMX512 beyond simulation system, but it can not completely replace analog system.DMX512 simplicity, reliability, (if you can install and use correctly) and flexibility makes its money allows cases to select a protocol.

In practice, DMX512 control mode, general is to power supply and controller design.Controlled by DMX512 controller 8 ~ 24 line, direct drive LED lamps and lanterns of RBG line, but in building lighting engineering, weak because of the dc line, calls for 12 meters to install a controller, the control bus is parallel, thus, the controller of the lines very much, a lot of places can't even construction.DMX512 receivers need to set the address, can make it clear to receive instruction that move light, in actual application of this is very inconvenient.Multiple controllers connected to control the complex lighting solution, operating software design will be more complex.Therefore, DMX512 to suit the occasion of lamps and lanterns together, such as stage lighting.