How Do I Do The Protection Of The LED Circuit

How Do I Do The Protection Of The LED Circuit

Jun 01, 2018

How do I do the protection of the LED circuit

1. Fuse (tube) in protection circuit

Because the fuse is one time, and the reaction speed is slow, the effect is poor, the use of trouble, so the fuse is not suitable for the LED lamp finished product, because the LED lamp is now mainly in the city brilliance project and the brightening project. It requires the LED protection circuit to be very harsh: when it exceeds the normal use current, it can start the protection immediately, let the power supply path of the LED be disconnected, the LED and the power supply can be protected, and the power supply can be automatically restored after the whole lamp is normal, without affecting the work of the LED. The circuit can not be too complicated, the volume can not be too big, and the cost is even lower. So it is very difficult to use fuse.

2. Use transient voltage suppressor diode (TVS).

Transient voltage suppressor diode is a diode type high efficiency protection device. When its two poles are subjected to the inverse transient high energy shock, it can reduce the high resistance between the two poles to a low resistance at a very short time of 10-12 seconds, absorb the surge power of up to several kilowatts, and keep the voltage clamp between the poles at a predetermined voltage value, effectively protecting the precision components in the electronic circuit. The transient voltage suppression diode has many advantages, such as quick response time, large transient power, low leakage current, good breakdown voltage deviation consistency, easy control of clamp potential voltage, no damage limit, small volume and so on.