How To Determine What Causes Leakage Protection Trip?

How To Determine What Causes Leakage Protection Trip?

Oct 23, 2018

1, the status of fault button: under normal circumstances, the leakage protector will have a test button, the button on the "T", under normal circumstances, the button pressed, the breaker will trip, in order to test the residual current circuit breaker is damaged.No this button in the lower part of the button (above) there will be a button, at ordinary times is with the entire plane level, if leakage accident happened in the circuit, lead to circuit breaker tripping, the button will stand out, at the same time to match different brake, just press this button, to closing properly.Therefore, if the trip after fault button is outstanding, is in the circuit leakage;If this is not the case, we should consider other conditions.

2, watch display color: in addition to the above test button, otherwise some brands use display shows the leakage status.As long as there is a display of residual current circuit breaker, normal work, the screen is blue, leakage tripping occurs, a display red.In closing, only display circuit breaker brand, can switch directly, after closing screen to blue;Display and fault button on the circuit breaker brand at the same time, can not directly closing, need after fault button, can switch, screen after switching to blue.Therefore, if the trip after screen to red, prove circuits have leakage happens.

3, observation trip time determine trip reasons: after the above two methods, can determine whether circuit breaker tripping due to the leakage circuit.If confirmation is not due to leakage trip, you should consider other two cases, overload and under voltage.If it is a power failure automatic trip, circuit breaker installed in the undervoltage tripping device, this trip is a normal phenomenon, is in order to protect the circuit of the electric equipment.If it is suddenly tripping during normal use, consider the overload.May be in the circuit wire carefully or aging, and it may be open at the same time too much electrical equipment, lead to line overheat, or is due to the circuit breaker selection is too small, etc.