How To Maintenance Switch Socket

How To Maintenance Switch Socket

Oct 12, 2018

Switch socket is an essential part of our families parts and components, as a kind of household goods, he should not only ensure the normal use of electrical appliances, and balancing device decorative function.Connections for electrical appliances and disconnect the electrical socket.For everyone to use safety, installation when some of the maintenance technique is introduced in the following.

1, the opening and closing switch don't too much.

In our daily use, often repeated opening and closing, this not only increase the electricity consumption, also can reduce the service life of the switch, on and off, easy to operate, causing the degree of wear and tear, want to avoid insensitive switch, we have to reduce some, opening and closing operation.

2, socket using order need to pay attention to.

Some socket with a button control switch, is the right approach is to first insert the plug, and then turn on the switch, by the same token, pull out the plug should be the first switch according to pull the plug, so that you can avoid spark plugs and copper, reduce copper wear, to prolong the life of the socket.

3, the surface of the switch socket also want to protect.

Want to switch to use for longer periods of time, to add a few auxiliary parts, the surface more in need of protection in some locations, like bathroom waterproof box, the oil system of the kitchen, by adding a waterproof on switch box can prevent oil and water splashed into the socket, damage to the socket.

4, switch using alcohol to wipe.

Switch socket, often because the time is long and has a dirt, can use dry cloth to take a small amount of alcohol, to wipe, do not use water to clean, it will not only leave stains also run a risk of electric shock.

5, the installation position of switch socket.

Switch socket position will be based on our daily habits to decide, if people's habits are unified in general with the right hand operation, then the door of the house will be opening up to the right, switch socket is installed in the door of the left hand side, both sides of the bedroom and bedside table, larger on both sides of the sitting room, with a control switch is very convenient.

6, pay attention to the height of the socketSwitch.

Settings are divided into work station, wash dish pool, the kitchen stove, and so on a number of locations needed socket.Smoke lampblack machine of the orientation of the socket is about 2 meters off the ground, about 1 meter from the ground socket 4 or on the basis of the specific work station, highly placed, refrigerator specific height should be 0.3 meters.The bathroom of the junction box should be set up from the ground 2.25 meters installed.Outside the shower area yan basin 0.6 meters of the lateral should reserve electric water heater and other socket, beside the pool of wash one's hands can also do set aside a night light, ram, and with a razor.