How To Match The Lighting Control System For LED Lamps

How To Match The Lighting Control System For LED Lamps

Jun 01, 2018

How to match the lighting control system for LED lamps

There are questions about how LED lamps and lanterns support the lighting control system, but it is true that it is true that the LED lamps and lanterns can be matched with the lighting control system. The key link is to select the light regulating power supply.

This is the common point of every dimming project for different environments and requirements. For example, when the project starts, there is no design application modulation, and Party A is required to join the dimming function when the site has been well distributed. For inexperienced people, it is estimated that this is an extremely difficult problem. But for the engineers who are familiar with the field of dimming control, it's just a piece of cake; since it's already a cloth line, you need to control the light with a silicon controlled light control; someone will ask? Why do you use thyristor to adjust the light? Can't I control with 0-10V dimming or Dali dimming?

In fact, when the wiring has been taken into account dimming control, the next application of which way of dimming is just a sentence of Party A. However, the wiring has been asked to add dimming function. If you use 0-10V dimming or DALI dimming? Because these two kinds of signals are controlled by signal lines. Is the signal line exposed? Or re disassembly line slot rewiring? I would like to stand in the construction side and Party B 100% will not consider the above method! So it can only choose the light control mode of SCR, because the thyristor dimming is the control of the input terminal market power, so as to achieve the effect of light adjustment!