How To Select Switch Socket

How To Select Switch Socket

Oct 16, 2018

First, the choose and buy of switch

The number of switch varieties cannot all generalisations.Can choose l, two or more switches, single, double way switch, electric bell switch, dimmer, speed switch, delay switch, etc.Switch panel if take the inferior products, will cause the switch closure times is greatly reduced, affecting the service life of the application, the application of long time and contact melting may occur and cause indoor electrical wiring short circuit, affect the rest of the work and coerce the personal safety of the electric system.When choosing switch socket, the most important thing is to safety performance is good, this table now seven aspects.

1) Material

Materials used, the quality of switch panel, in the flame retardant, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance, etc, are all very outstanding, material stability is strong, not easy to change color.Now switch panel, besides take higher plastic also have gold plated, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials.

2) Appearance

Appearance bright smooth, uniform color, texture, is generally good product.Switch socket on the front panel brand identity should be clear, plump, there cannot be any burr appearance.

3) Internal structure

Switch usually take silver contact and made conductive silver copper composite bridge, which can avoid the switch opening and closing when arc cause oxidation.High quality panel of conductive bridge take silver nickel copper composite material, the electrical conductivity of the silver material is excellent, and silver nickel alloy to control arc ability is very strong, thus guarantee the switch can open and close to 80000 times.Take the brass screw press line switch, contact area is big, pressure ability strong, solid wire.

4) Handle

Good switch spring soft hard moderate, excellent elasticity and turnaround against powerful and off.Not happen asked in a switch button in the status of a state and become a serious fire hazard.Can also be ok one phase modulation switch, the high quality product for a large number of application of the copper silver metal, thought that there would be no light

5) Manufacturing process

Switch is often touch, especially the color switch panel, if choose, is to fail the inferior products, time is long, will ageing fades.If choose those applications with uv resistance material, and spraying baking membrane technology to solve the border of the switch, even if used for a long time, the color will not any change

6) Humanized design

Good switch have night guiding light switch panel, even the most traditional fluorescent pigment guidelines for a night, also from a single green fluorescent development to a variety of colors.Power light is another night asked guidelines, now more is use leds instead of neon light, in order to ensure a longer life, lower heating rate, softer light.

7) Security certification

Pass the switch products must be access to the national certification and comply with the industry scale.Domestic products through 3 c certification, series IS09000 certification, these will be by identifying mark on the product itself, packaging or clarify.

Second, the choose and buy of the socket.

Look from exterior there are generally two socket bore holes, three, five, a round plug, flat plug and plug.Breed is very much also corresponding socket, with a switch, have without switch, there are also many socket is there are a lot of additional security features and devices, such as fuse, exit or guiding light socket, and special function of the special socket.

In screening socket, should try to choose products with maintenance f J.Next, want to elm apricot socket clip fastening degree, thrust force stability is a key safety factor.Also pay attention to the choice and the rated current of the power, plug specification and terminal block specifications that match the socket.Application of avoid by all means the so-called universal adaptor, what kind of plug with correct method should be enough: what kind of socket.

(1) Terminal: common with the traditional screw terminals and the terminal two kinds of speed, the latter is more stable, and very brief fast connection, even professional construction personnel, as long as the wire inserted into the terminal hole, short of complete, and will never fall off.

(2) Hand feeling: when the socket is purchased, the product is required not only to have a very reasonable structure design, but also to ensure the thickness of the inserted spring copper material is certain.