Pop-up Floor Socket -- How To Properly Installed Pop-up Floor Socket

Pop-up Floor Socket -- How To Properly Installed Pop-up Floor Socket

Oct 13, 2018

Socket is used for making current components, socket is fairly common in our life, it can be installed in the room, bathroom, living room, and so on, the types of socket metope and floor socket outlet, the installation position is different, the floor socket is widely used in offices, airports, shopping malls and so on, the types of floor socket pop-up floor, open the floor socket, spiral floor socket outlet, etc., pop-up floor socket outlet is playing up, it is more convenient to use, and can go back when not in use.I'll introduce you pop-up floor socket installation method.


Pop-up floor socket installation method
1, Choose good steel bottom box, according to the drawings out on the ground of the need to install the socket hole, the hole size than with the appearance of size 5 mm;
2, Calculated the depth of installation problem, general socket on the bottom box end should be lower than the floor 3 ~ 5 mm, depth can be adjusted according to actual circumstances, increase or decrease of the gasket way;
3, With self tapping screw will be fixed on the anti-static floor with this, so with this successful installation;
4, Will be around the hole cleaning, wipe the floor clean and ready to cover the socket after installation;

5, When installing a contain the ground of high voltage socket outlet, cover the ground connection must be reliable connection with the bottom of the steel box;

6, In the end, using screws tighten cover and the bottom of the steel box can be fixed.


Pop-up floor socket installation considerations
1, At the end of installation of steel box to determine when the bottom of the steel box and metal wire tube is well-founded, and during the installation note don't have dust and debris fell into the inside, avoid the influence on the later use;

2, If the ground is dry enough will cause strong corrosion to pop-up floor socket, and so on in order to make sure that pop-up floor socket is under the condition of completely dry construction, finally is to do a layer or two layers of anticorrosive paint construction process, so as not too damp cause can't install the cover;

3, When installing a contains the ground of high voltage socket outlet, cover must be connected to the ground and bottom box with which reliable connection, and fixed roof and bottom box.