Silicon Controlled Dimmer Power FAQ

Silicon Controlled Dimmer Power FAQ

Oct 09, 2018

Although the thyristor power supply used to adjust the lamps and lanterns that move light the history of lighting is relatively early, but as in recent years, the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the wide use of led lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, adjustable light power supply aspects have been upgraded and improved, at the time of use, will inevitably encounter many problems in the actual operation, the following is answer I sort out some common problems, hope to help you.

1. How to choose appropriate according to the lamps and lanterns that move light power?

A: In daily life, we use the lamps and lanterns has many kinds, but on the whole, indoor lighting lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns can be divided into constant current and constant voltage.Constant current common lamps and lanterns are: canister light, shoot the light, ceiling lamp, wash wall lamp, etc.;Constant pressure common lamps and lanterns: light, lamp, mr16.We can choose according to the power of lamps and lanterns that move light power supply.

2.  silicon controlled dimmer power can be transferred to the lowest percentage?

A: Can be transferred to the lowest percentage depends on the master of the minimum output voltage, in general, the minimum is 5%, and can adjust according to the actual, the minimum can be 1%.

3. In our actual dimmer in the process of operation, dimmer, the light brightness directly to 100% from 57%, and then gradually to 0%.Great leap.This is what reason is caused?

A: This jump a lot of problems, first consider is the product of compatibility problem, we can change the power built-in software to customize the dimming curve, can solve this problem.

4, Silicon controlled dimmer power generated when a voice in normal work?

A: The power at work can have a sound, but sound depends on the size of the transformer, our dimming power supply work is smaller, the sound effects will not be huge.

5, In the project when making products equipment wiring occasionally seen cargo overvoltage, will not burned power supply.

A: Our power supply have over voltage, overload and ask protection, under normal circumstances, the above phenomenon, turn off the power supply, troubleshooting, processing after restart the power supply.Not recommended above condition for a long time, can cause loss of the silicon controlled dimmer power, affect the service life of the power supply.