The Main Reasons For The Damage Of LED Are As Follows:

The Main Reasons For The Damage Of LED Are As Follows:

Jun 01, 2018

The main reasons for the damage of LED are as follows:

White LED is a voltage sensitive device. In actual work, the current of the 20mA is upper limit, but it will often cause the increase of the current in the use of various reasons. If no protection is taken, the increased current will be damaged after a certain time and amplitude of LED.

1, the sudden increase of the power supply voltage.

2, a short circuit of a component or printing line or other conductors in the circuit forms a partial short circuit of the LED power supply path to increase the voltage in this area.

3, a LED is damaged due to its own quality reasons, resulting in short circuit. Its original voltage drop is transferred to other LED.

4, the temperature inside the luminaire is too high, which makes the properties of LED deteriorate.

5, the interior of the lamps and lanterns into the water, the water is conductive.

6, during assembly, there is no antistatic work done, so that the interior of LED has been damaged by static electricity. Although it is applied

Normal voltage and current value are also very easy to cause damage to LED.