What The Meaning Of Gfci

What The Meaning Of Gfci

Dec 25, 2018

Short for GFCI are  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter,It is a special protective device in North America. The operating voltage is 264vac-102vac, the operating temperature is -35deg ~66Deg, and the disconnection time is <25mS(at TRIP CURRENT of 500 ohms). The disconnection CURRENT is 4-6 mA. North America has extremely strict certification of GFCI, mainly UL and ETL certification. If UL certification is done, all tests of the product will be carried out in UL laboratories in the United States. If ETL certification is done, it can also be tested in China.


The connection mode of GFCI is different, can be divided into:

1. The Receptacle -type ground - fault circuit interrupter

Protection device output socket, plug is connected with the load equipment

2. Portable ground - fault circuit interrupter

Protector use plug connected to the outlet of the power supply circuit, relative to the location of the power supply circuit protectors is not fixed, protector of components (including the protector and output receptacle) can facilitate mobile.Among them according to the distance between the protector and plug can be divided into:

A.Plug-in ground - fault circuit interrupter protector shell and Plug agglutination, between shell and output socket connected with cable or wire.

B. the In - line type ground - fault circuit interrupter

From the protector shell with a plug cables and wires, plug connected to the outlet of the power supply circuit.Protector of shell and output socket shell can be made into a whole, can also are connected by a cable or wire


Because of GFCI ground fault detection, it can also prevent some electrical fire and reduce the severity of the others play blocks the flow of current.Working principle is as follows, wiring system, in the family on a power socket, under normal circumstances wire (Hot) and (Neutral) of the current should be equal, GFCI monitoring the current error, but the difference is greater than 6 ma (Milli Amps) (according to the UL943 standard, leakage current is 6 ma, turn off time of 25 ms), it can be over 0.025 seconds (according to the UL943 standard, in the impedance of the euro 500 cases, the leakage current turn off time of 4-6 ma) moment cut off the power supply, thus ensuring the security of person.Faster than the speed of the GFCI interrupt power blink of an eye, in order to prevent the deadly power.You may receive a pain, but you will not be electrocuted, or accept a serious defense.

All GFCI every time should be tested when using, to ensure that if they work, and to protect you from the deadly impact.GFCI after installation shall be checked to ensure that their work, and properly protect circuit.Test GFCI outlet, first on nightlight or lamp to the power socket.The light should go at the time, press the "TEST" button.The GFCI should "RESET" button will pop up, and the lights go out.If the "reset" button will pop up, but not nightlight, GFCI are improper connection.Electrical contact correct wiring.

If the "reset" button, no pop-up, GFCI is flawed, and should be replaced.


If the GFCI functions in good condition, after the lights went out, press the "reset" button, restore power supply, in a way out.At present there are four categories: GFCI GFCI plug, GFCI outlet, GFCI circuit breaker, online GFCI.