Why Is KVP-12200-TD Dimming Power Widely Accepted By The Masses?

- Jun 01, 2018-

Why is KVP-12200-TD dimming power widely accepted by the masses?

KVP-12200-TD power supply is San Chang electronic control silicon constant voltage 12V 200W dimming power supply, no gap compatible with all silicon controlled frontiers and front light control system, smooth dimming effect, no flicker, no strobe, it is well received and supported by the manufacturers of LED lamps and lanterns and engineers at home and abroad.

This series of thyristor dimming power supply is not only controlled by the lamp strip and light strip, but also can control the lamps of any 12V operating voltage, such as module, MR16, guardrail and so on. It can be used flexibly and can be used as an ordinary power supply without dimming.

Because of the PWM output, no matter the color of the lamp, it is the perfect realization of the dimming control! The most typical test method is to use a RGB lamp to test the synchronization of the dimming effect, you can get the answer.