Hot Sale ETL Triac 120V AC Current Sensor Dryer Control

Model: HJ-TS5 Description:120VAC 2.5Amp High Current Sensor Switch Dryer Control. Time Delay: 5minutes


Hot Sale ETL Triac 120V AC Current Sensor Dryer Control


The High Current Switch / Dryer Control is solid-state N.O. high current AC Switch that operates a dryer booster fan directly. This device senses when a clothes dryer is drawing ~1 Amp of current and then closes the output switch to activate the dryer vent booster fan. When the dryer cycle is complete and the current drops below the threshold, the output switch is opened again. The HJ-TS5 offers 5 minutes time delay after output switch off. We also offer other models for time delay 0 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes.

StyeAMP Sensor
Voltage120VAC, 2.5Amp
Input Main~1Amp
Time Delay5 minutes



Wiring the Dimmer:


Product Show:

ModelOutputSwitch VSwitch ILeakageInput I MinInput ITime Delay
HJ-TS0Triac120V AC2.5 Amp<1mA~1Amp50 Ampsnone
HJ-TS5Triac120V AC2.5 Amp<1mA~1Amp50 Amps5 minutes
HJ-TS10Triac120V AC2.5 Amp<1mA~1Amp50 Amps10 minutes
HJ-TS15Triac120V AC2.5 Amp<1mA~1Amp50 Amps15 minutes

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A:Acquire the UL and ISO9000 standard.

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