120V Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor With Neutral Wire

Model: WOS Description: 150°120VAC Single Pole, Wall Switch PIR Occupancy Sensor Relay Control, Neutral Wire Required.


120V Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor With Neutral Wire


Over the last decade, occupancy sensors have been designed into control systems that address a wide variety of areas in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. These applications consist of individual enclosed offices, large open work spaces, conference rooms, hallways, storage closets and more. Overall, occupancy sensors have been proven to reduce lighting re-lated energy consumption up to 45 percent depending on application.

Although occupancy sensors are most commonly used in commercial buildings, they are now being applied to residential homes in the form of a vacancy sensor. These types of sensors retain the manual “on” function, but automatically turn the connected lighting off when the room becomes vacant. Residential applications that benefit from this type of control are generally bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets and garages where lighting is often left on by the user.

Electrical Specifications
Voltage120VAC, 60Hz
Time Delay15 Sec to 30 Mins
Light Level30 Lux-Daylight
ControlRelay Control
Coverage150°,  980ft2
Environment Specifications
Operating Temperature32℉-131℉
Material Specifications
Standards & Certifications
Warranty2 Year Limited

Manual adjustable ambient light level prevents load from turning ON automatically during periods of ample natural light


. Turn Lights 0n/0ff automatically

. Manual 0n/0ff setting allows use as a regular switch

. Time delay Off setting is adjustable from 15 seconds to 30 minutes

. Adjustable sensitivity settings

. WOS is compatible with all kinds of loads including electronic ballast 

. lncludes wall plate(Part No. 8831)

. Conforms to Califomia Title 24 Requirements

Typical Applications:

. Bedrooms

. Bathrooms

. Laundry Romms

. Closets

. Garages

. Kitchens

. Home Offices

Coverage Pattern:

The coverage range of the sensor switch is specified and illustrated in Figure 1. Large objects and some transparent barriers like glass windows will obstruct the sensors'view and prevent detection ,causing te light to turn off eventhough someone is still in the detection area.


Figure 1

Wiring Diagram:



 Band switch prescription for WOS


Circuit is permanently opened.

(switched off)


Occupancy Mode:

Automatic ON when occupancy is detected.

Automatic OFF after the set ttime delay

 ONRightload stays ON always

Energy Saving


US EPA * PredictionUS EPRI **PredictionWe BelieveAverage Saving
Private Office13-50%25%30%40%
Conference Rooms22-65%35%40%
Storage Area45-80%-50%
Hotel Meeting Room-65%50%

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